Mzdy dle specializace a sektoru

Salary review of Sales&Marketing Professionals for 2012/2013 which are relevant on the Czech market. Our data show sector, nature of position (sales or marketing) as well as base salaries excluding bonuses or commissions. We are more than happy to provide you with detailed information regarding ratio (fix and commision/bonus) or OTE. The figures show salary ranges based on our candidates experience and our clients salary offers. Covering a mix of enterprise sizes (small, medium up to 100 FTE, large 100 FTE+).

To present you a more specific salary grade we might ask you questions connected with:

  • Lenght of experience
  • Specific role
  • % of achieved sales (other KPIs) quota
  • Performance evaluation in comparison to peers
  • Unique skills connected with the profession
  • Region covered
  • Business travelling – frequency and form of transport
  • Number of people managed
  • Level of reportig
  • Usage of foreign language
  • Current supply and demand for similar positions